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                    Simpson Strong-Tie



   We can provide you with all the Simpson Strong-Tie Products required for your job.

              Hangers Listed are in stock at our truss plant locations.

Floor Truss Hangers

THA-422                  3-1/2" STRAP HANGER

THA-426                  3-1/2" STRAP HANGER

LUS-48                     3-1/2" FACE MOUNT HANGER

Roof Truss Hangers

Truss Spacers        goto our truss spacer web page

HGUS10-2              2-PLY GIRDER HANGER

HUS-28                    1-1/2" FACE MOUNT HANGER

LUS24                      FACE MOUNT

THJA-26                  MAIN CORNER JACK HANGER

SUR-26                    45 DEG. SKEWED HANGER - RIGHT

SYR-24                    45 DEG. SKEWED HANGER  -RIGHT

SUL-26                    45 DEG. SKEWED HANGER   - LEFT

SUL-24                    45 DEG. SKEWED HANGER    -LEFT

HHUS28-2               2-PLY ROOF TRUSS HANGER

H1                          HURICAIN CLIP

STC                         ROOF TRUSS CLIP

Engineered Lumber Hangers

HHUS410                2-PLY LVL HANGER

ITS2.06/11.88        2-1/16" WIDE TOP MOUNT I-JOIST HANGER 11-7/8" DEEP JOIST

IUS2.06/11.88        2-1/16" WIDE FACE MOUNT I-JOIST HANGER 11-7/8" DEEP JOIST

MIT4.28/11.88       2-PLY I-JOIST HANGER 11-7/8" DEEP JOIST

MIT416                   3-1/2" TOP MOUNT I-JOIST HANGER 16" DEEP JOIST